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Hello there! Welcome to my world!

I’m an Insurance Advisor by day (I know, boring!), aspiring world traveler in my off hours, and this is where I share my wanderlust . I live in Canada and mothers two BEST KIDS in the world. I like coffee, all types. (And gettin’ caught in the rain.)


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About my Wanderlust

I love traveling!

But then who doesn’t? Its quite dreamy if you think about it. Pack your bags, get on a plane/train/car and go see places.

Everything is new to you when you are a traveler.

Your excitement is child like.

You become adventurous even.

You can’t wait to see the unseen part of the world.

In the process, you step out of your comfort zone (you may not realize that right away) and embrace the world of your dreams. Yes, you are coming. You are about to embark on a trip of your life time!

Best part is,  you don’t really belong where you visit, yet you are in the middle of it all.

You are there to watch.


The life, the people, the culture, the essence of what makes that land unique, unlike the rest you have already seen.

Yes! That’s it.  I am a traveler, the pursuer of essence  no matter where it takes me.

This space is where I share with you my wanderlust. Intensely personal yet profoundly universal. You will relate as I do.

I am a blogger by passion but after few years into blogging about lifestyle, I realized that travel is my true calling. I never responded it to though until now.

There are a few reasons why I decided to take action.

Being in late thirties sort of teach a woman a few things.

“Responsibilities” will be your middle name for as long as you live. There will be family, there will be kids, there will be more responsibilities, never ending list of chores for you to do etc etc etc. Those are  things that is NOT expected to change

What must change is YOU.  In the chaos of your life, as you race against time to complete that one last task on your list, you forget to take a step back and look at yourself with kindness. Compassion. AND to ask you what do YOU want?

I asked. And I received a reply.

I want to see the world I live in. I want to travel. I want to swim with the whales, dive in the sky, watch the hauntingly beautiful Northern Lights, enjoy the serenity of Machu Pichu….yes, there are so many things I want to do.

This is a beautiful world we live in. So much beauty that we simply forget to take time to enjoy. Because we have commitments, responsibilities, a life.

But hey, won’t they still be here when we come back? Something tells me it will. If we only take time out of our busy life to enjoy a little, live with intention and purpose and then come back at it with renewed vigor to tackle this thing called life, don’t you think world will be a better place? That we will be certainly better from what we were yesterday? I think so.

Call this a science experiment if you will. But I am going to give this a try. To pursue my wanderlust so that I can live intentionally. With joy. With purpose.

As I go along, follow me on my journey, see the world through my eyes and while you do,  listen to your own heart.

Are the faraway lands calling you too? Will you answer?



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